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A Little Slice of History

One of the things that makes this venue extra special is it's rich history. Dating back over two and a half centuries, this farm has a wealth of history.

Built in 1769, the farmhouse still stands at the center of the property and the original stone chimney and hardwood floors are still intact. Pretty crazy to think that the house was built before America was even a country! During the Civil War, the house was used as a hospital and there are blood stains on the floor from a wounded soldier.

The original Salem Farm was over 3300 acres. There is a cemetery on the property, although there are no headstones, it is recorded with the county and there are railroad ties that mark each grave.

The dairy barn was built in 1920 and the property was used by the Dickerson family for many years as a dairy farm. Up until 1950 there was a silo next to the barn, but at some point it was taken down for unknown reasons. Oh, how I wish that silo was still there. The 20 ft wide foundation is still there... outdoor bar? Stage for bands? Covered patio?

With over two and a half centuries of history, I could go on and on. However, my point wasn't a history lesson, but rather, a little insight into what makes this a very special place to tie the knot!

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