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We got engaged!! Now what!?

One of the first questions we are asked when a bride approaches us, is how much it costs to get married here. This is of course an obvious question when it comes to budgeting and planning your wedding. Planning your wedding isn't a single line to cross off your to do list. In fact, "wedding planning" is a to-do list all of it's own. There are many pieces to decide on and choices to make when planning your wedding.

Here at Belle's Pleasure we want to make your special day as easy as possible. When you have your wedding here at our farm, the property is yours from 10am to 11pm. From use of the bridal suite, to access of the barn and reception area we want you to be able to create the picture perfect wedding design you've always dreamed of, and make the space feel like yours for the day.

Some of the expenses that fall under the wedding planning to do list, albeit not fun or glamorous, yet still a necessity when planning your big day are the tables and chairs as well as the toilets. Here at Belle's Pleasure we take care of the tables and chairs for both your reception and ceremony. We have a collection of antique mis matched farm chairs for you to use for your wedding ceremony. As for your reception, we will take care of the tables and the chairs for this portion of your wedding as well. Here at the farm restrooms are a necessity when hosting weddings,however, we do not want you to have to worry about this small but important detail, we will take care of the rental, set up and tear down of the luxury restroom trailer for you, allowing you to cross this one off your list as well.

Another item to cross of your wedding planning to do list is the decor. We have a large list of items that we will gladly allow you to use for your big day. From his and her corn hole boards, to whiskey barrel bars, cigar boxes and crystal decanters we've got plenty of rustic decor as well as furniture pieces that we are more than happy to let you use free of charge.

When you come to the farm you will see that there is a special sort of feeling you get just by being here on the property. We want our brides to be a part of the property not only on their special day but before and after as well. Engagement photos are a perfect opportunity for brides to come to the farm and get better acquainted before the big day. This is a little something we like to offer and most brides like to take advantage of. Another fun add on that we allow for our brides to take advantage of is the opportunity to take pictures on the pond in the canoe or in the pasture with the horses.

We understand that a wedding budget and the cost of your wedding is a driving factor on a lot of the choices you have to make and we care about helping you with these things. Here at the farm we want your day to be everything that you have ever wanted and could ever dreamed of.

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